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Level 4 in Site Management Certificate & Diploma

Is This Qualification Right For Me?

Construction Management Training assesses every candidate’s suitability for the course.  We will also be happy to advise and discuss with you any other training options.  It is essential to ensure you embark on the right qualification for you, so it’s important that you thoroughly research all your options.

A little information about our qualifications:

The CIOB are the Awarding Organisation for our qualifications:

  • CIOB Level 4 Certificate in Construction Site Management (Ofqual accredited: QAN: 600/0529/4)
  • CIOB Level 4 Diploma in Construction Site Management (Ofqual accredited: QAN: 600/0530/0)
  • CIOB Level 4 Graduate Conversion Certificate (Ofqual accredited units)

Programme Delivery

The Certificate in Site Management Studies will be delivered by interactive distance learning Webex on Saturdays (9am until 4pm).

Programme Content

The Site Management qualification is aimed at both practicing and potential Site Managers in the construction industry; individuals should normally have at least two years’ experience on-site above the level of trade charge hand, with some general responsibility.  However, this does not always apply where applicants can demonstrate other appropriate experiences.  A wide range of backgrounds and differing lengths and levels of experience are catered for within the units.  The course has been designed with the practical entrant in mind and gaining the Site Management Certificate and Diploma provides evidence to employers and clients that an internationally recognised level of study has been successfully completed.  The course is open to advanced candidates.  However, there is no restriction on age but an assessment by the Centre for suitability will be required. 

The full Level 4 qualification may take about two years on a part-time basis to complete, although the length of the qualification does vary dependent on the course delivery timetable.  The certificate is awarded after completion of a minimum of 3 units out of the 9, this includes completion of the compulsory unit ‘Managing Health, Safety, Welfare and Risk in Construction Works’, and the Diploma is then awarded after completion of a further 6 units.  Candidates are also able to complete individual units and gain unit certification, this may count towards CPD or towards a full qualification.  In order to gain the full award there are nine units to complete. These are based on assignment assessments which develop your knowledge and competence in the workplace. 

For those who have already completed the CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), and have current certification, we can apply to the CIOB for exemption of the Health and Safety unit.  Other certificated qualification exemptions may apply. Note that a SMSTS Certificate will only count as a PASS for the ‘Managing Health, Safety, Welfare and Risk in Construction Works’ module. This will be considered after mapping the qualification specification against the particular CIOB unit. 

Level 4 Course Units

Unit 1 Contractual and Legal Responsibilities within a Construction Environment
Unit 2 Managing the Quality of Construction Site Work
Unit 3 Managing Health, Safety, and Well Being in Construction Works
Unit 4 Project Planning, Control, Monitoring and Risk for Construction
Unit 5 Managing People in a Professional Context
Unit 6 Site Organisation
Unit 7 Project Resourcing and Cost Management
Unit 8 Managing the Technology of Modern and Traditional Works
Unit 9 Managing Sustainable Construction

Programme Content Graduate Conversion

The CIOB Graduate Conversion Certificate supports and develops those working in the industry who hold a degree in a subject unconnected to construction. This programme develops the learner’s knowledge and practical skills to plan and programme projects, liaise with stakeholders and oversee large or complex construction projects safely and efficiently. This bespoke programme provides a route to chartered membership and gives a CIOB Level 4 Certificate in Construction Site Management.

The Graduate Conversion Certificate is a 6-unit programme (including Health and Safety).

Programme Content

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

On completion of the Certificate in Site Management the candidate can apply for the CSCS Academically Qualified Persons Card.

On completion of the Diploma in Site Management the candidate can apply for the
CSCS Academically Qualified Persons Card

Construction Skills will require applicants to complete an additional online Health and Safety test to apply for the card.

This information is correct at time of writing.

1. Course Fees

Level 4 Certificate/Diploma in Site Management - £350 per unit plus VAT per year, plus £103.00 CIOB registration.

2. Participant Support

  1. Our aim is to provide candidates with comprehensive coverage of CIOB Level 4 in Site Management modules plus comprehensive guidance and support on assignment planning and writing.
  2. The tutors are committed to providing the best support for all students.
  3. All course information packs are comprehensive, focused and reflect current construction industry conditions.

3. Tutor - Dawn Parias

  • CIOB "Approved Centre" status
  • 40 years of varied experience within the construction industry
  • Winner of the CIOB Student of the Year 2006 for eastern counties for outstanding achievement
  • City and Guilds qualified to teach adults
  • CIOB Ambassador and Member of the PRMP Panel
  • Committed to providing the best up to date support for all students
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building

All details, prices and dates are correct at time of publication

Level 4 Programme Timetable


Unit 1 – Contractual & Legal Responsibilities within a Construction Environment


Saturday 17th September 2022

Saturday 15th October 2022


Unit 6 – Site Organisation


Saturday 5th November 2022

Saturday 3rd December 2022


Unit 8 – Managing the Technology of Modern and Traditional Works


Saturday 7th January 2023

Saturday 4th February 2023


Unit 9 – Managing Sustainable Construction


Saturday 4th March 2023

Saturday 1st April 2023


Students must attend at least 80% of workshops to achieve their qualification. 

New Units may be commenced in May 2023 to enable Graduate Conversion students to complete their Certificate.

Webex workshops are recorded and may be used for training purposes.

Cancellation Policy

0 - 21 days (up to 3 weeks) 100% course fee payable
22 - 30 days 50% course fee payable
30 days + No charge

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